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Meet The Vegan 61-Year-Old Taking The Fitness World By Storm

Scroll through Lenworth Anderson’s Instagram account – @mylive2train – and you’d likely think you’re watching a 25-year-old athlete share his workout and fitness regime. With the kind of gym-honed physique Hollywood stars require CGI to achieve, Anderson appears almost superhuman. Whether it’s weighted drills, box jumps, a leg press or squats, the man seems to defy the limits. 

“Ah, to be young,” you might remark with a roll of the eyes. Only Anderson isn’t young, well, not your typical youngster anyway. At 61, Anderson is putting the fitness world to task. 

He might only have some five thousand followers to his name on Instagram where he shares workouts and cooking videos, but when @houseofhighlights shared a video of Anderson working out to its 22 million followers, suddenly this 61-year-old went viral. One thing that seems consistent amongst those who follow Anderson is their disbelief at his age, with most finding it hard to believe the man is 61. One user commented that Anderson looks “all of 25-years-old” and, well, we have to agree.

So, just how does he do it? Anderson credits his physique and strength to a plant-based diet. While he’s long been a fitness enthusiast, the vegan athlete revealed that it wasn’t until switching to a plant-based diet that his natural progression not only improved, but did so quickly. As well as that, he believes the vegan diet allows him to keep on top of a gruelling training regime that consists of martial arts and resistance training, while also avoiding burn out and injury. 

In an interview with Plant Based News, Anderson said: “I came to the realisation that just like every other living species on planet earth, we humans also have been provided a food source by nature. And in order to evolve to our true potential, we need to follow nature’s diet for us. Our progress is often hampered by the ability to recover quickly enough from the last workout.”

He added, “Remarkably enough I’ve found over the years that I recover way faster when I consume a plant-based diet, and in particular fruits that have seeds and vegetables that have no starch.”

Such a lifestyle is certainly paying off, and inspiring a new generation at the same time. Even Anderson’s sons are professional sports star, one who plays basketball for the Leicester Riders and the other who plays professional football for S.S. Lazio. As the basketball star, Jamell Anderson, told Plant Based News, “My dad has been a huge inspiration in my life from eating healthy to living healthy. People like my dad are living breathing proof of the upside [of being vegan].

As for Anderson, he just wants to continue to inspire others to reach their full potential through health and fitness. “As my journey continues, hopefully, this will inspire others to reach their true potential and not be led like sheep to just eat and eat and eat with no real benefit to their bodies,” he told the publication.

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