Men Hit Their Style Prime At 30 Years Old, Says New Study | Men's Health Magazine Australia

Have You Hit Your Style Prime Yet? Don’t Worry, It’s Coming

If you shudder every time you see your “On This Day” memory photos pop up on your Facebook, it turns out that you’re definitely not alone. According to a new study by grooming empire Braun, our teens and twenties are for experimenting with our own personal style, with most men only hitting their style-stride at 30.

The results show that most men find confidence in their look heading into their fourth decade, with almost 66 per cent of men only ‘trends’ because they were popular, despite lacking the confidence to truly make them their own.

The study of 2000 British men also found that only 5 per cent of men would identify their style as ‘cool’. It seems that men opting for enduring class over jumping on the latest style fads.

“From my experience, men are after style and substance when it comes to their grooming products,” said Braun expert grooming ambassador, Dan Gregory.

The change in styling when men hit 30 could result from savvier finances and adopting a style that is low maintenance. This particular study suggested that the average man spends over $500 every time they change their personal look.

Furthermore, in a study released by Braun in January, researchers found that 44 per cent of men are finding ways to simplify their grooming routine, with 31 per cent working to limit the number of products they use.

That’s not to say you can’t be truly confident in your style in your twenties, but if you are still experimenting, maybe it’s time to try a few MH recommended grooming tips!

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