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Men With This Quality Are More Likely To Marry, Reveals Study

While you quickly approach your 30s, the stark realisation that you’re running out of time hits you. Questioning whether you’ll find the right girl becomes as common as wondering whether you’re a catch. But now a new study has found the type of guy most likely to marry. 

According to recent research published by the Hanken School of Economics and Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland and Temple University in Philadelphia, men who displayed higher verbal intelligence were more likely to shack up.

Science has confirmed what was previously known: if you can spin a yarn, you’re more likely to pick up. 

Using data collated by the Finish arm forces, the National population Register centre in Finland and the Finnish Tax Authority, a team led by Jaakko Aspara assessed the IQ, financial and social status of 190,000 men.

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IQ was divided into three parts: verbal, logical and numerical. 

While results found that a high IQ increased your chances of marrying in life, men who displayed high levels of verbal intelligence – the ability to problem solve using language-based reasoning as well as analyse information – had the highest chances of finding the one. 

Additionally, although greater wealth led to increased chances of tying the knot, participants with higher intelligence were likely to stay married for longer. 

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