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This Product is a Game-Changer for Blackhead-Prone Skin

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The Product

The Garnier Pure Active Charcoal 3in1, an anti-blackhead wash, scrub and mask that helps clear congested skin.

The Panel

Men’s Health sent the Garnier Pure Active Charcoal 3in1 to a panel of 50 men aged between 18 and 34, who were after for a product that would help their oily, blackhead-prone skin. 

The Lowdown

Here’s what the Review Crew loved about the Garnier Pure Active Charcoal 3in1 after the 30-day trial.

How it was easy to apply: Most users felt the consistency made easy to use. For some, it took a little practice to make perfect. 

How it reduced blackheads and spots: The majority of users saw a noticeable reduction in of blackheads and pimples after consistent use. 

How it left skin feeling smooth and less oily: Most users found that the product reduced oil and left skin feeling soft and smooth. 

The Verdict

Super easy to apply and being in a tube made handling a breeze. After use my skin felt rejuvenated and just really clean. It also felt softer and it looked fresh. My blemishes and blackheads not only reduced in number but also markedly in size. [It] absolutely suited my skin type; I have a combination skin type with several problem areas. This product certainly helped my skin and was just such a versatile product. I was actually dubious that 3 in 1 would work but it was so great to be able to either wash, scrub or mask – or all three! I would definitely recommend; lives up to all claims and more. This product will always have a place in my home.

Matt MH Review Crew Member

Very easy to apply – it was easy to get an even spread over the face. My skin felt fresher after application in the morning and looked cleaner throughout the day. Fewer spots. No change in blackheads. It has helped to reduce acne and inflammation in my face. [I] already have [recommended this product to others].

Steven MH Review Crew Member

Garnier Skin Active Pure and Active Charcoal 3-in-1 was easier to apply than I thought it would be. Charcoal products have always been thick and sluggish in my experience. This one had enough moisture and the right consistency to apply easily, meaning I didn’t feel like I was wasting product or smothering cement across the Sahara. I noticed pores come to the surface that I never knew existed. This was probably from blackheads I hadn’t noticed. I didn’t get that cool feeling you’d expect on your face after washing off the mask, which was a little disappointing, but the smooth skin was on another level. As someone who works a lot of hours and is always on the run. I need a product that can work its magic on the variety of skin conditions I’ll come home in. If I’ve been in an operating theatre for 6 hours behind a mask sweating away, or been in the air conditioning of a study room or gym, this product made things happen. After a sweaty day I’d crush a quick wash and feel refreshed, or after a cool dry day I’d smash a mask and feel like I’d helped my skin recover from years of damage. This product helped me get back into a serious skin care routine. With genuine results from day one, I felt motivated to do more to improve the health of my skin. I’d recommend this product to those who don’t already have their own skin routine going, or for those who want to downsize their bathroom cupboard and get rid of multiple products for every occasion.

Julian MH Review Crew Member

The product is easy to apply. The texture of the product is initially smooth but once applied you can feel the beads exfoliate the skin. The texture is thick enough that it does not run off your hands aiding the application process. My skin felt smoother and less oily after application of the product. This improved the appearance of my skin, specifically my forehead and “T zone” in the evenings as it assisted in the removal of shine and grime. I noticed that my skin felt smoother and less oily in general during the course of the trial. The product was suitable for my skin type, generally oily in the “T zone” and forehead but prone to dryness if products are to harsh. This produce provided an excellent balance. I believe the product help in the removal of dirt and grime from my skin without being overly harsh. I would recommend this product to others.

Matthew MH Review Crew Member

Easy to apply and feels nice on skin. Doesn’t feel too drying, like moisture has been stripped away like other products. Skin looks and feels revitalised. [It is] great with shine control and clearing acne.

Tom MH Review Crew Member

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