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What Did Mohamed Salah Do During Ramadan For The Champions League Final?

He was named the prestigious PFA Player of the year while also breaking records at Anfield, but just how did Mohamed Salah prepare for the Champions League during Ramadan?

The Egyptian-born Salah is a devout Muslim so it comes at no surprise that loyal fans were curious how he could perform on a diet not suited to the world’s fittest football players.

However, Liverpool physio Ruben Pons confirmed that the forward would break Ramadan on both match day and the Friday prior. 

“We were in Marbella and the nutritionist established a work plan,” he told Spanish radio station Cadena SER. “Tomorrow and the day of the match he won’t, so it’s not going to affect him.”

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Unfortunately, Salah wasn’t able to bring a trophy back to Merseyside after suffering a dislocated shoulder just 25 minutes into the match. Real Madrid went on to win 3-1. 

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