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Mortal Kombat Star Ludi Lin On Training And The Benefits Of Going Plant-Based

It was the rather unsuspecting film that dominated at the box office and while you might expect the hype around Mortal Kombat to have eased somewhat since its release, it appears word of mouth is only doing more for the film. The action sequences. The suspense. The cast sporting ripped torsos and gym-honed physiques. It’s all anyone can talk about currently. The film’s opening has served as the biggest for an R-rated film during the pandemic, seeing theatres come to be filled with an occupancy we haven’t seen for some time. But though the film is certainly garnering rave reviews, so too are its stars who have been catapulted into a new tier of fame. Among them is Ludi Lin, an actor in possession of an eight-pack that would make Arnold Schwarzenegger blush. 

If you haven’t heard of Lin before, prepare yourself to become intimately acquainted with the star now. It seems only fitting that after such a performance in Mortal Kombat, we’ll be seeing a lot more of Lin on the big screen in the near future. After stunning audiences with his physicality, Lin has become the poster-boy for those seeking fitness inspiration. And certainly, you’ll find it here as Lin is someone who lives and breathes fitness.

In an interview with Men’s Health US, the star revealed that when it comes to his diet, his biggest meal always comes after his workout. “The most protein, the most carbohydrates,” he says. “If I stick by that rule, it usually takes me good places.”

Central to Lin’s fitness is a plant-based diet, something he credits for his health. He gets most of his proteins from plant-based sources and loves a protein shake that consists of hemp, peanut butter, and a little bit of sweetener. Incredibly, he doesn’t add water. “I just raw-dog,” he told Men’s Health. 

He doesn’t shy away from vegetables, often eating them raw and whole, without any sauces or dips. This includes peppers, zucchini, and even pumpkin. “I usually get a reaction, like, I just bit a child for no reason.”

When it comes to daily vitamins, he gets a lot of his supplements from rather unusual sources. He adds a probiotic, a multivitamin, calcium, turmeric, vitamin D and vitamin B-12 on a plate – and eats them whole. “I’ve basically gotten so good at swallowing now,” he says of this unconventional method. 

Though recent studies suggest men are less likely to adopt a meat-free diet, Lin is testament to the fact that you can go plant-based and still see significant gains and results in the gym. “I have everything I need in a plant-based diet. My proteins are usually hemp [and] peanut butter. They’re complete proteins, especially hemp, it’s one of the biggest and best plant-sourced proteins.”

For Lin, he believes the world has a meat addiction, explaining: “I think the world has a meat addiction because we evolved to love meat. It gives us the flavour umami, which usually we associate with meat. And basically, our brains are hacked to think that we need this meat – the more meat the better.”

But as the actor suggests, “For me, it’s not the case because I re-hacked it and I get my umami from mushrooms.”

He added: “Eating plant-based and staying away from animal products is something I think is inevitable because it’s good for the Earth, it’s good for my body. I feel good about it because animals are cute and also it’s the only thing that’s sustainable.”

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