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Is This The Most Epic ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fail of All Time?

It’s hard not to shout at the television when a contestant’s struggling on a game show. In their defence, they are being filmed, in front of a live audience and are playing for cash, while we get to commentate from the comfort of our lounge room. 

You can give some contestants the benefit of the doubt for their ridiculous answers, but a man named Kevin on Wheel of Fortune has just taken the cake. There’s no defending Kevin. 

Only one letter was missing from the board which read: A STREETCAR NA?ED DESIRE.

Have you worked it out? Let us help you, just in case you’re struggling like Kevin. Most people would recognise this is the title of Tennessee William’s 1947 play A Streetcar Named Desire.

Instead, Kevin told the host he’d like to buy a ‘K’, which meant he thought the title was A Streetcar Naked Desire.

Watch it all unfold below.

After taking a few seconds to fully digest Kevin’s answer, the host replied with a long, “noooo,” which was followed by the next contestant successfully solving the puzzle. 

Kevin has since been ruthlessly mocked on social media. A bit unfair, dontcha think?

After the puzzle was solved, the host said, “although you got the right answer, I’d rather see Kevin’s play.”

Better luck next time, Kevin. Perhaps game shows just aren’t for you.

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