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Personal Trainer Starts Completely Nude Workout Class

Only one thing can get your blood pumping more than spending an intense hour in the gym: spending an intense hour in the gym while also being completely butt naked.


Personal trainer Helen Smith has started a “nude-ercise” class in Britain, where every participant breaks a sweat in their birthday suit, reports the Daily Mail. People between the ages of 33 and 70 recently attended the hour-long, boot camp-style exercise class, which included circuit workouts suitable for all fitness levels.


After visiting a nude beach in France, Smith ditched her clothes for good and became a full-time nudist. She started the “nude-ercise” class because she thought it would be a “great way to celebrate the body,” she told the Daily Mail.


The concept of working out with butts and balls in your face may seem slightly intimidating – just imagine doing jumping jacks with your junk hanging out – but class participants say it isn’t weird at all. It’s all about “normalising the human form,” said 66-year-old nudist Colin Campbell. 


Smith makes sure everyone in the class feels comfortable, so if anyone starts acting creepy, they’re asked to leave. And if you’d rather throw on some underwear, you’re encouraged to do so, she said. Plus, attendees of the class told The Daily Mail there were several perks to working out naked, like being able to really see what the instructor is doing, paying closer attention to form, and not having any sweaty gym clothes to wash afterward. 


The class takes place once a month in Nursling Village Hall in Southampton, but Smith is hoping to expand to different locations all over the U.K. Next stop, Australia…


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