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New Study Reveals 8 Per Cent of Men Think They Can Beat A Lion In A Fist Fight


When it comes to surviving life and the countless challenges it throws at you, few qualities can come to be as valued as confidence. Through school carnivals, sports, to the dating game, confidence is something that carries you through it all. You need it to succeed: to score that job interview, land that date, to engage with others and sell yourself, it all comes down to that quality so often desired but which so few of us can sincerely admit to having you, or at least not 24/7. 

Though confidence has long been a trait to admire in a human being, there’s something about having too much of it that makes for a massive turn off. Arrogance has rarely proved an attractive quality and when it comes to over-confidence, such a line of thinking might even prove dangerous – certainly it would for these fellas. 

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According to a recent YouGov survey, eight per cent of guys think they could win in a match up with a lion. The survey put together 34 different animals and humans in a series of random match-ups, asking 1,224 US adults who they thought would win in each contest. The results didn’t seem too shocking at first. The elephant came out as the easy favourite with a win rate of 74 per cent. But then things took a rather surprising turn. 

According to the survey, eight per cent of men and seven per cent of women believe they could beat a lion in a fistfight, because yeah, we get it, Simba was pretty cute. But to think they’d actually stand a chance against a lion in real life, well, that’s something we don’t recommend trying at home. Interestingly, this number rises to nine percent and eight percent when matched up against an elephant or gorilla. Against a dog, 60 per cent of men thought they’d emerge victorious easily. Meanwhile, 71 per cent of the men surveyed claim they would easily win against a goose. 

We can only hope the men surveyed don’t start looking for trouble at the local zoo, as these are some over-confident fellas we don’t want to see have knocked the living daylights out of them by a lion with a mean right-hook. 

By Mens Health Staff

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