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If Your Partner Does This One Thing During Sex, They’re More Likely to Cheat on You

It’s common knowledge that women fake orgasms. Whether it’s because they can just tell they aren’t going to climax and don’t want to disappoint you or because you aren’t everything they thought you’d be, more and more women are starting to use this tactic as a quick, painless exit strategy.

But now, in a study that will send jeepers creepers up your spine, researchers have revealed that you can predict how faithful a woman is going to be by the frequency in which they fake orgasms.

The study found that the more frequently a woman fakes her orgasm, the more likely she is to cheat on her partner.

The findings are scary enough on their own, but it’s when you really think about does it get even worse. How can you really know when she’s faking an orgasm? It’s pretty much impossible. 

And if you’re a guy who thinks they are great in bed and your partner has no need to and has never faked an orgasm, here’s a shocking stat for you: a recent study has found 80 per cent of women have faked an orgasm at least half the time.

If this news has got you worried, the study provides a silver lining: there was no link between women who had less orgasms cheating more often – the study only found women who faked orgasms more often were the ones more likely to be unfaithful.

In other words, if you aren’t a stud between the sheets and struggle to make women orgasm, you’re in a better position than the guys who are made to believe they can. 

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