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Our Pick Of The Best Rock Climbing And Bouldering Gyms In Sydney

As indoor rock climbing continues to gain popularity as the fitness trend of the moment, here’s where to head in Sydney for great facilities and community support.

Where it used to be the case that pursuits of fitness were either confined to the sporting field or lifting tin at your local gym, these days we’re seeking new means of challenging ourselves both physically and mentally. Consequently, activities that were once pushed to the peripheries are now gaining mainstream attention, with fitness enthusiasts and gym-goers alike eschewing the bench press for indoor rock climbing and jiu jitsu. Don’t believe us? Well, turns out even Tom Hardy is a fan. 

As anyone who frequents the gym can attest, no matter the progress made when it comes to gains, there comes a time where the mind (and body) craves spontaneity and variety. It makes the growing popularity of rock climbing cause for celebration, as not only does it present a great challenge for your fitness routine, but there’s now more and more gyms to choose from across a wide range of locations here in Australia. 

After making its debut at the 2020 Olympics, it seems clear that bouldering isn’t a fitness fad, but rather a sport that is only going to increase in size and popularity as more people look to get involved. Not only is it an activity that looks cool (peruse the Instagram feed and you’re sure to find friends or colleagues who frequent a bouldering gym, impressing followers with a speedy run across the walls), but it also provides a full body workout

Rock climbing, by its very nature, is a sport that demands endurance, strength, speed and problem-solving. Here, your mind is very much in-tune with your muscles and you’re having to navigate challenges as they arise. Research suggests that bouldering and rock climbing can increase muscular endurance and flexibility, as well as improve problem-solving skills, communication skills and your mental health. And, given the nature of the gyms, it’s also a sport that will see you become part of a supportive community. 

So, if you’re keen to update your fitness routine with a new activity that will produce physical results along with a mental challenge too, here are our pick of the best rock climbing and bouldering gyms here in Sydney. 


Located in Parramatta and Alexandria, this bouldering gym features 4.5m bouldering walls that give you the space to perfect technique and hone your movement skills. There’s also a specialised padded floor to ensure you don’t fear going for it on the wall as any mistakes will result in a well-cushioned fall. 

Address: Unit 11 Metro Centre, 38-46 South St Rydalmere, NSW, 2116

Contact: (02) 8872 1052 or 9degreesparramatta@gmail.com

Opening hours:  Mon: 4pm–10pm, Tue: 10am–10pm, Wed: 10am–10pm, Thurs: 10am–10pm, Fri: 6am–10pm, Sat & Sun: 8am–10pm 

Address: Building 3/85 O’Riordan St, Alexandria, NSW, 2015

Contact: 0408 870 473 or  info@9degrees.com.au

Opening hours:  Mon: 10am–10pm, Tue: 10am–10pm, Wed: 6am–10pm, Thurs: 10am–10pm, Fri: 10am–10pm, Sat & Sun: 8am–10pm

Website: 9degrees.com.au


Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym

Offering a combination of both indoor rock climbing and bouldering, Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym presents the best of both worlds. The St Peters location is a sprawling space that was even home to the 2008 World Youth Championships, a testament to its incredible climbing walls and 800 square metres of bouldering. You’ll be treated to 450 routes and 180 boulder problems, alongside friendly staff who are encouraging and always available to help. 

Address: Unit 4C/1-7 Unwins Bridge Road, St Peters NSW 2044

Contact: (02) 9519 3325
Opening hours:  Mon & Tue: 9:30am–10pm, Wed: 6am–10pm, Thurs: 9:30am–10pm, Fri: 9:30am–10pm, Sat & Sun: 9:30am–9pm, Public Holidays: 9:30am–7pm

Address: Unit 5 850 Woodville Road, Villawood NSW, 2163
Contact: 02 97282825 or villawood@indoorclimbing.com.au
Opening hours:  Mon, Wed, Fri: Noon–10pm, Tue & Thurs: 9:30am–10pm, Sat: 9:30am–8pm, Sun & Public Holidays: 9:30am–6pm

Website: indoorclimbing.com.au

Climb Oz

This indoor rock climbing and bouldering gym offers belay walls and a large bouldering area that can accommodate all. There’s also private training sessions or group training on hand, where you can hone your skills from experts in the field, while shoes, chalk and harnesses can be hired in-store for those just wanting to dabble in rock climbing (before investing entirely). 

Address: Level 2, 40 Third Ave, Blacktown

Contact: (02) 9678 9635

Opening hours:  Mon: 5:30pm–9:30pm, Tue to Fri: 3pm–9:30pm, Sat & Sun: 9am–10pm

Website: climboz.com



Based in St Leonards, this climbing gym offers over 140 climbing routes. For those looking to hone their technique, ClimbFit has varying angled climbing walls and a new 40 °  Moon Board that can help strengthen your movement, along with three auto-belays you can utilise during training so you won’t need to ask for help. To make things even better, there’s even a conventional gym located within side it. 

Address: Unit 4/12 Frederick Street, St Leonards, NSW, 2065

Contact: (02) 94364600 or  info@climbfit.com.au

Opening hours:  Mon to Fri: 6am–10pm, Sat & Sun: 8am–8pm

Website: climb fit.com.au

BlocHaus Bouldering, Sydney

With over 850 square metres of climbing walls and problems to solve, BlocHaus Bouldering offers the ultimate bouldering experience for those who are either just getting into the sport or are seasoned professionals. There’s the additional comfort of padded floors that will be sure to assuage any fears for newbies, while the friendly staff are always on hand to help. There’s also a conventional gym with weights available if you want to do a pre- or post-session pump-up and work on strength. 

Address: 49 Fitzroy St, Marrickville NSW 2204

Contact: (02) 8065 3299

Opening hours:  Mon: 6am–10pm, Tue: 10am–10pm, Wed: 6am–10pm, Thurs: 10am–10pm, Fri: 6am–10pm, Sat & Sun: 9am–10pm, Public holidays (Excluding Christmas and News Years Day): 9am–9pm

Website: syd.blochaus.com.au

By Jessica Campbell

Jess is a storyteller committed to sharing the human stories that lie at the heart of sport.

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