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Your Plan: Outrun Fat With Carbs



Carb Cycling

IN A NUTSHELL A carbohydrate rollercoaster designed to burn fat and boost performance


THE MH EDIT Hold the tedious arithmetic and use carb cycling on one workout day a week only


The thinking behind this diet is to alternate high-and low-carb days.


“On high days, you need about 500 grams,” says Kate Percy, author of Go-Faster Food. That’s a lot – we’re talking eight large baked potatoes. On low days, meanwhile, you eat a tenth of that and, according to the theory, your body turns to its stored fat for the fuel it needs.


It’s a fine theory, but so is relativity – and this is about as complicated. “Go too crazy on high-carb days and you risk destabilising your insulin levels and gaining fat,” says Percy. “You may feel irritable on non-carb days, too.”


The answer: carb-load one workout day a week, sandwiched between two days that are lower in carbs. So today, go at that pasta like a freshly dumped Bridget Jones, hit the gym hard, and prime your body to burn more fat tomorrow.


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Breakfast — Porridge with berries and a banana

Why — Shock your body with high carbs for metabolic lift

Pre-gym — Chicken, vegies, mozzarella and 250g of quinoa

Why — Quinoa gives you glycogen, but won’t spike your insulin levels

Post-gym — Tin of tuna, wholegrain pasta and an apple

Why — Low-GI pasta will help your recovery after working out

Dinner — Chilli con carne with two sweet potatoes

Why — Sweet potatoes provide manganese, which reduces fat storage from carbs

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