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Protein Powders 101: We Bust The Biggest Myths Surrounding Your Daily Shake

In the latest episode of Ask Men’s Health, we tackle a topic close to our hearts: protein powders.

If ever there were an event that stands out from the calendar, perhaps it’s the day we discovered protein powder. From that day forth, we emerge as a changed individual, one that presents with a protein shaker practically glued to the hand, dressed in a singlet with a gym card dangling from the key fob. Regardless of your flavour preference or go-to brand, the fact remains that for many of us, protein powders aren’t just a staple in the kitchen cupboard, they’re also a lifestyle we subscribe to. 

For many, the desire to try protein powders is one coming from the goal of building muscle, but in recent years protein powders have also been shown to help boost performance, help you get the most out of a gym or training session, and even aid recovery. With supermarket shelves stocked full of various protein powders and training aids, the hard part is simply choosing which one to consume. 

According to research, consuming whey protein in conjunction with a resistance training program can help you maintain lean body mass while also increasing your upper and lower body strength. But while it sounds easy enough, pick up a whey protein powder from any shelf and you’ll find a host of different ingredients on each bottle. So, just which protein powder is right for you and what are the ingredients you should be made more aware of?

Thankfully, we’ve got the answers and an exciting announcement: ask Men’s Health is back for 2022! To kick us off for a fresh round we dive into a topic close to a lot of our hearts – protein powders. New host Dr Kieran Kennedy sits down for a chat with medicinal chemist and product innovation manager for Musashi, Diren Dunraj, to discuss the need to knows right now when it comes to protein, hitting you marcos and what factors make a protein powder right for you. 

What actually is protein? How much do we need? How are protein powders made? What’s the go with plant based and natural trends? How do we choose a powder that’s right for our needs? On this episode of ASK MH we tackle all these and more with the no BS, to the point flavour ‘Ask Men’s Health’ loves to bring. Listen to the podcast below, or on Spotify or Apple podcasts.

By Kieran Kennedy

As a medical doctor and psychiatry resident, with degrees in psychology, physiology and medicine / surgery, Dr. Kieran Kennedy sees, first hand, the absolute importance in advocating for mental health. He is also writer & speaker, natural bodybuilder and fitness model.

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