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Women Consider Guys Who Do This to Be More Intelligent, Confident and 24% Sexier

It might be time to reconsider your wingman: Holding a puppy makes you more attractive to women, according to a new survey from Petsies, a South Florida-based toy company.

Their team showed 1,000 Americans photos of people with and without dogs and cats, then they were asked to rank them based on the type of animal they were holding.

Women perceived men as 13.4 percent more attractive and 23.8 percent sexier when holding a puppy. No worries, the effects persist when your pup grows up: Holding small, medium, and large dogs still gives you an extra boost of sex appeal, the survey found.

What’s more, women perceived men holding a puppy as more trustworthy and intelligent.

It’s worthy to note that a company that makes stuffed pet toys conducted this survey—but past studies support their claim—and who’s really going to argue with another excuse to get a dog?

For example, Israeli researchers found that women preferred men with dogs for long-term relationships. Why? Owning a dog shows that you’re caring and responsible, the study authors note.

And according to one French study, your dog can increase social interaction and marks your kindness, thoughtfulness, and sensitivity—which all earn you extra points when trying to score her number.

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This article originally appeared in Mens Health

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