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Former ‘Better Homes And Gardens’ DIY Guru Rob Palmer Shares His Ultimate Dad Hacks

Rob Palmer spent a decade making our homes go from drab to fab as the DIY master on Better Homes and Gardens.

Now, the dad of three has compiled his fountain of fatherhood knowledge in the ultimate list of life hacks for dads, from building a cubby house to curing a hangover.

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“Kids seem to inspire a lot of things,” Palmer said.

“Once I had kids, I remembered all the stuff that my dad would bring out in me, and all he used to do for us.

“And I realised how much of that I was doing for my kids as well.

“Whether it’s making a maypole in the backyard or playing hide-and-seek in the supermarket to get the shopping done, there’s all sorts of stuff that dads can do to engage with the kids and create memories that last forever.”

Rob’s hangover cure

“Grab two Beroccas in a glass of water, scull that down, and quench your thirst before you go (drinking),” Palmer said.

“And this is something I learned through having Type I diabetes – your liver performs a couple of functions: it’s got a store of glucose and also processes alcohol.

“And when it’s processing alcohol, it’s forgetting to give you the glucose that it’s got in its secret store. So in the night, your blood sugar can plummet, and you’ll feel rough.

“So have a couple of cheese toasties before you go to bed. That’s why you go hungry when you’ve had a couple, and you might end up with a kebab. It’s your body telling you to eat.”

Grab a copy of Rob Palmer’s book Dad Hacks here.

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