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Robert Pattinson Reveals The One Food He Never Wants To See Again Following Batman Diet

After cutting back on alcohol, processed meat and fried food, Pattinson got into some serious superhero shape. But while the physique might be a covetable one, he has no intention of sticking with the diet.

When Robert Pattinson was first announced as the new caped crusader, the outcry on social media was instantaneous. With the likes of Ben Affleck and Christian Bale having played the role before, these were big shoes to fill and for many fans of the franchise, Pattinson didn’t exactly cut the mould as far as Batman was concerned. While he’s already proved himself as an actor with a string of enviable roles including the likes of Tenet and Good Time, Pattinson has already quietened all those doubting his performance. It only took the trailer to drop for viewers to see that this was a man worthy of the superhero title, that here was an actor cementing his place as an A-list star. 

Of course, to play a role like Batman requires serious work. Not only is there the voice which tends to register an octave or two lower, but you also need to fill out that famed suit. For Pattinson, that meant embarking on a strict fitness and diet routine – one he’d famously scoffed at in a previous interview with GQ UK. He’s since clarified that he was most definitely taking things seriously, he just didn’t want to bore people with the details. Thankfully though, he’s now spilling the tea for those of us interested in knowing just what it takes to get into superhero shape. 

In recent interviews, Pattinson revealed that he cut back on alcohol, processed meat and fried food to get into shape. But when it comes to the one food he can’t bear to look at now, it’s fish – particularly fish of the bland variety. “I never want to see a piece of white fish with just lemon on it ever again,” he told On Demand Entertainment. 

Turns out Pattinson isn’t the only one to take to fish to bulk up, thanks to its healthy fats and protein. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stays in perpetually ripped shape thanks to a diet of salmon, despite admitting that he’s well and truly over the taste by now. “I hate salmon, I have salmon out of my ears,” he said in an interview with Delish. “But it’s a great fish in terms of health and fitness.”

Other foods Pattinson incorporated into his diet were oatmeal and protein powder and canned tuna, which are also high-protein and convenient, but not the most flavoursome. It’s not surprising then that Pattinson admitted to being completely exhausted by the film’s competition, saying that his diet, intense training and film schedule really took it out of him. 

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