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These ‘Romantic’ Gestures Are Actually Cringeworthy, According To Women

There’s always a reason to spoil your partner.

But whether it’s Christmas or Valentine’s Day, her birthday or an anniversary, there’s one part of the spoiling process that stays the same: you have to nail the gift. 

Fortunately, in the AskWomen Reddit thread, women reveal the “romantic” gestures that made them cringe rather than swoon. Learn from these blunders…


Serenading her

“You ever have a man sit you down and play a terrible song on a guitar and sing for you? I know his heart was in the right place but it was like 4 minutes of uninterrupted eye contact through AWFUL singing and guitar playing where I felt like I had to act like I was swooning the whole time” – elliephan99

Cheap jewellery 

“Diamond necklaces from mall jewellery stores. I love jewellery but the stuff they come up with every Valentine’s Day are not only overpriced but ugly as sin. I swear “chocolate” diamonds exist to prey on unsuspecting men into thinking, ‘Well she likes chocolate and diamonds, she must like chocolate diamonds right? Right?'” – cecikierk

A bouquet 

“Flowers – in theory they are awesome, but I don’t know many women who actually own a vase anymore, now I gotta change the water and have them drop all over my table until I finally throw them out. Spend the $40 on dinner or a nice bottle of wine or chocolates. Something we can both enjoy, not something that will slowly wither and die.” – moodychurchill

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A sonnet 

“Poetry. Some women might dig it and some men I’m sure are good at it…but I’d say it’s cringey upwards of 90% all the time” – strawcat00


“Too much clingyness. Do you miss me? No I f*cking saw you yesterday.” – babyharley17

“Doing everything for me. It’s nice to be pampered or helped sometimes, and you shouldn’t be a jerk if your lady needs something, but it’s just irritating (to me) when men become overly servile. Have some respect for yourself and your own time!” – metalbracelet

Going public 

“Unexpected public proposals. I’ve seen so many unfortunate videos from guys who propose in like a stadium and don’t know the answer to their question before asking.” – mypastamistakes

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