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Got A Baby? Got A Gym, According To Sam Wood’s Latest Workout

Sam Wood is the brains (and face and body) behind a fitness empire, a devoted fiancé, and brand new dad. But don’t expect to find him slothing around the house working on his dad bod. In a recent Instagram post, it seems that Wood is actually doing the exact opposite, bringing his work as a PT home and including both his fiancé, Snez, and his daughter Willow.

In the short clip, Wood runs his followers through a brief but effective core workout, even incorporating both Willow and Snez into the moves.

The importance of both physical and mental health for new fathers has been in the spotlight more than ever thanks to recent research by scientists from the Indiana University identifying the incidence of postnatal depression is now almost as prevalent among men as it is among women.

And while Wood has long served as an advocate of healthy living, his latest role as dad to baby Willow has allowed him to connect with a league of new fathers, educating and sharing his experiences as he goes.

Earlier this year, Wood shared a deeply personal post, also on Instagram, that highlighted the positive impacts fitness has on his life. “Since discovering training I have gained confidence, I have a belief and first hand understanding of what is possible when you put your mind to it and discovered that when you take care of your body, it usually takes care of you,” said Wood in the post.

“One of my favourite sayings is ‘Don’t exercise because you hate your body, exercise because you love it’. Exercise because it strengthens your muscles and joints. Exercise because it is good for your heart. Exercise because it is good for your wellbeing. There are so many people in the world who wish they could exercise, don’t take it for granted,” advised Wood when speaking to Women’s Health.

You too can make like Sam, even if you don’t have access to a baby, “one beautiful fiancé”, and watchful dog Hendo (incredibly name by the way, Sam!). Simply grab a 6kg dumbbell and a mate to take their place, and give your core the torching it deserves.

Sam Wood’s Family Man Workout

Sit Up And Pass

Link ankles with your partner, sitting up and meeting in the middle. Pass your baby (carefully!!!) back and forth between sit-ups. 

V-Sit and Pass

Assume and hold a V-sit. When holding your baby, complete 2 x Russian twists, before offloading Junior to your partner.

Partner Pats

Assume a raised-plank position facing your partner, with your baby safely seated in between you. Take turns to gently pat your little lady/fella on the head.

Leg Throwdowns

Position yourself on the floor, and grab onto your partner’s ankles while they stand at your head. Get your standing partner to throw your legs towards the floor. Keeping them locked and straight, catch your feet before they make contact with the floor. Raise and repeat.

Plank Toe Taps

In a lowered plank position (forearms on the floor), move your left foot out laterally, tapping it on the floor, and then returning to the centre position. Repeat with your right foot.

Mountain Climbers

In an elevated plank, bring your left knee up towards your chest, tapping your foot on the floor before returning it to the centre. Repeat on your right side.

V Sit Ball Pass

Assume and hold a V-sit, creating a makeshift play pen for your baby between your combined calves. Hold this position and pass your child’s toy back and forth.

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