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Scrawny To Brawny – Week 5 Journal

You never truly appreciate good health until you get sick. When you’re lying in bed at 3am with a blocked nose knowing you have to be up in four hours to go to the gym, all the happier times you spent with your unblocked nose come rushing back.


You also never truly appreciate good health until you’re almost halfway through a 12-week transformation and your body decides it has to get sick, because, well, “screw you.”


I wasn’t exactly knocked off my feet with sickness like last week, but it was definitely enough to hinder my training. When you have a limited time to get results, you need your body raring to go 110 per cent of the time.


But this week I just seemed flat. I wouldn’t say I’ve lost motivation, but when you’re feeling under the weather it becomes increasingly difficult to push your body that extra mile, or push out one more rep when your brain’s telling you to stop.


However, the show must go on. Even if my training wasn’t perfect this week, I actually ate quite well compared to last week. Real Food Connection have come on board to help with the nutrition side of things and boy, aren’t I glad they did.


Not only do I no longer have to worry about meal prep, I know for sure I’ll be getting all the nutrients I need to grow. The plus side? These meals are seriously amazing. 


Despite the fact that I’ve been having a few setbacks, not everything is completely falling to shit. The twice a day workouts are definitely starting to have an impact on my body. Even if my weight gain hasn’t been linear and the sickness has probably thrown everything off course, it’s always nice to check yourself out in the mirror and see improvements no matter how small.


My abs are starting to show, my chest and shoulders are getting broader and my arms are starting to look more like limbs belonging to humans, not ants. There’s still a long way to go, but hopefully when this sickness goes away once and for all, I’ll be able to up the ant-i and push on towards the finish line.




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