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Scrawny To Brawny – Week 8 Journal

Week 8 is over which also means I’m officially two thirds of the way through my transformation. If I can be honest, these first 8 weeks have been a total blur.


During the first few weeks of my transformation, everything was so new and foreign to me. I was sore as hell from the gym, bloated as hell from all the eating and tired as hell from my new hectic schedule. “There’s absolutely no way you’re going to get used to this, Bray,” I thought to myself. “What the hell have you gotten yourself into?”


I was counting every rep, every mouthful, every lunchtime nap. But as soon as it became routine, in my mind it became something that I was going to do every day regardless, rather than something I was painfully forcing myself to do.


Having the correct mindset is a huge factor in anything you do, and positive reinforcement helps immensely. In the first few weeks I’d look at myself in the mirror and question whether my body was changing. I was pretty sure it was, but no one had said anything. 


But then one day out of the blue, the compliments started rolling in. “Your arms are looking big mate,” said my colleague. “You’re busting out of your shirts, you’ll need a new wardrobe at the end of this,” my editor quipped. “God damn, you are the sexiest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on,” said the 10/10 blonde at the bar. (I wish…)


I’ve been guilty of this before, and if my job and reputation weren’t on the line it probably would’ve happened again, but if you are just starting to workout and aren’t seeing the immediate results you want, here’s three words of advice: DO. NOT. QUIT.


Believe in the method. If you’re training hard and eating right, your body will change. There’s no question about it. It really comes down to how badly you want it. If you put in a half-arsed effort, chances are you’re going to get a half-arsed result. 


28 more days. 24 more gym sessions. 1000’s of meals still to be eaten. Let’s do this. 


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