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Set Your Core On Fire With David Beckham’s Simple But Intense Workout

Soccer legend David Beckham has been known for many things throughout his career—his masterful free-kicking prowess, his James Bond-level fashion sense, and of course, his ripped, heavily tatted, and frequently bare torso, which you may have noticed on a billboard or two over the years.

On Thursday, Beckham, 45, shared a look at one of his go-to moves for keeping his physique so lean and toned. In the brief clip, Beckham is seen shirtless (naturally), working out in an otherwise empty gym at Inter Miami CF, the MLS soccer club that he co-owns in Florida. He’s using what appears to be a Sorinex glute ham roller to do a series of slow and steady ab rollouts.

“Just a gentle workout to start the day,” Beckham wrote. (You’re free to take issue with Beckham’s definition of “gentle.”) While it may seem like a simple exercise, there’s still a great deal of technique to the movement. Done right, it’ll set your core on fire. Check out this proper demonstration from Athlean-X trainer Jeff Cavaliere, who called the ab wheel one of the “best and most overlooked exercises you can do”—provided you do it correctly.

If you don’t already own an ab wheel, or you’re feeling reluctant to buy one—especially one as fancy as Beckham’s $130 tool—the good news is that ab wheels are relatively easy to DIY. For instance, you can just use a barbell with rounded plates as “wheels,” or even a towel or some sliders on your kitchen floor. (Pro tip: You might want to mop first.)

Still, it can help to have the real thing, so we’ve rounded up some of the best wheels available for your home gym. Check them out, then get rolling.

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