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Sex Expert Claims That A Woman Can Seduce Any Man She Wants – In One Hour

Louise Mazanti, a Danish-born and London-based sex expert, has claimed that any woman can seduce any man she pleases simply by unlocking what Mazanti calls “pussy power” (yes, that is the technical term).

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Talking on UK TV show Make or Break, Mazanti advised women to “listen” to their vagina when choosing and approaching a potential mate.

“Women have forgotten to listen to their vaginas and put up the boundaries that their vaginas are speaking. When her vagina says yes, go with it, when her vagina says no go with it. That keeps the vagina happy.”

Mazanti argued that women need to stop being so “floaty” and “compromising” and instead be more strong-willed and decisive when approaching a man. “Don’t be the little princess who’s waiting for a man on the white horse to approach you but show up in the world asking for what you wants.”

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When it comes to the practicalities of actually approaching a man, Mazanti urged women to be direct, forthright and uncompromising. “This is why I’m talking about reclaiming your pussy power because women need to know what they want and set the directions to their own lives.”

And when it comes to the bedroom? Again, Mazanti urged women to listen to their vagina. “Instead of just thinking of it as what you’re supposed to do or your partner would like, come into your own body.

“Just come into and process your own body, breathe into your body and go with that moment to moment. What do you want, what do you like, what are your desires?”

Our take? Don’t sit around waiting for that stunner at the bar to discover her “pussy power”. Instead, make your move with the below tips…

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