Sleeping Close To Partners Increases Intimacy, Says Study | Men's Health Magazine Australia

How Many Inches Does She Really Want In Bed?

Crunch time for all too many a relationship occurs in the bedroom. But it’s not your pyrotechnical approach to nocturnal sport that counts so much as what happens when the games are over.

Tempting as it may be to turn over and hit your off switch post-sex, research from the University of Hertfordshire has shown that proximity to your partner when asleep has a significant effect on the success of your alliance. 

Professor Richard Wiseman, the psychologist leading the study, found that 86 per cent of couples who slept just a couple of centimetres apart were happy with their lot, while 66 per cent of those who rolled their own way reported trouble a the mill.

Now that’s not to say that the future of your relationship depends on a lifetime of spooning. Instead, you might just want to try putting old habits to bed and go cheek to cheek.

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