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So You Want To Propose… Should You Ask Her Dad First?

When it comes to marriage, some traditions are best left in the past. The bride’s parents paying for the wedding, lavish viral engagements, and stuffy church services are all parts of getting married that can be safely side-stepped in 2018. But as men, are we still expected to seek our future father-in-law’s permission to marry our girlfriends.

While it’s undoubtedly an awkward conversation, it’s been suggested in recent times that the symbolic asking of ‘permission’ is outdated in our modern society. Besides, you’re probably going to still propose even if pops says no.

MH conducted a survey of women aged 25-35, and fathers with daughters in that same age bracket, on what they expected of young suitors, and the results were resounding.

Over 80 per cent of the women surveyed expected their partners to at least talk to their fathers before proposing. With most describing the moment as an important bonding experience between their boyfriends and fathers, the ladies’ opinion was also backed by prospective father-in-laws. Almost all of the fathers surveyed believed they were due the respect of knowing about the proposal before the event occurred.

Still feeling uncomfortable about popping the question (to the old guy)? Don’t be. Rather than formally ‘asking’ the fathers’ permission, most respondents regarded the right of passage as more of an ‘informing’ of your intentions. Simply tell them how much you love their daughters, how well you’ll treat them, and that you intend to grow old together. After all, putting yourself in good stead with your future in-laws is never a bad move.

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