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Style Lessons From An “Average Rooster”

If a man’s clothes are an extension of his personality, you have to feel some trepidation at the kind of attire Rugby union star and ambassador for THE ICONIC, Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins might turn up to a red carpet event in.


But while the self-professed “average rooster,” best known for his rampaging style of play and colourful press conferences, may seem an unlikely style icon, as MH found, “the Badge” has some clothing cues any man can apply.


“I don’t put any limits on myself,” says Cummins, who’s currently taking time out from Rugby to recover from some niggling injuries. “I’m showing other average roosters out there who may not be hip to the groove how easy it is to get good clobber.”


So what are the Badger’s rules for sartorial success? Start by dressing for the occasion, he advises. “There are times when you’re taking it casual and you’re approachable and it’s all fun and games and there are other times when you need to spruce it up because you’ve got an important dinner or you’re doing your business. You’ve got to put different hats on for different occasions. This life we lead requires all facets of your wardrobe. I do what’s necessary.”


Perhaps drawing on first-hand experience, Cummins warns Australian men against wearing anything too tight. “Not only does it look a bit funny, it can restrict how you verbalise things, dampen your energy in a room and constrict you,” he says.


Finally, even if you’re not as ‘out there’ as Cummins is, you can still reveal different sides of your personality by what you choose to wear. The former Wallabies star firmly believes you can wear any outfit as long as you have the confidence to “own it”. 


“I reckons it’s good to pick something nobody else told you to wear but you feel you look good in,” he advises. “Whatever the outfit, if you exude confidence, people will pick up on that.”


Nick Cummins is an ambassador for THE ICONIC –

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