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Swisse’s New Range Proves Gummies Aren’t Just For Kids

If the thought of taking your daily supplements everyday seems like a bit of a chore, you’ll want to check out Swisse’s new gummies range.

So you’ve decided to go on a health kick, and you’re looking to supplement your diet with some essential vitamins. You walk down the health aisle at a supermarket, only to find rows and rows of supplements that all look exactly the same. Enough supplements that you might ask yourself how the hell you’re supposed to know which one to choose? You might stop briefly to pick up a batch of supplements, choosing at random, but then imagine taking them home and actually remembering to take them. Even worse, you might balk at the idea of swallowing bulky, bland tablets or downing acetic shots of apple cider vinegar.

You might even think back to your niece, Jimmy, gobbling down on his grape flavoured vitamin gummies, battling those brief intrusive thoughts of snatching them out of his hands. Why do kids get to have all the fun, you think wistfully. But here’s where Aussie vitamin brand Swisse comes in, having just launched a new range of supplements that prove gummies aren’t just for kids – adults can now get in on the fun too.

The company recently launched a range of 11 supplement gummies, each containing various functional benefits ranging from immunity to collagen support. You can also find other supplements such as iron, magnesium, and Vitamin D.


Swisse has described its range as ‘functional and fun’ because not the gummies provide a daily dose of nutrients, they’re tasty, and they’re also convenient – many supplements can only be taken with food, which means you have to time your supplement intake, and potentially end up lugging around a heavy, rattling bag to the office so you can consume your tablets with your work lunch. With supplement gummies, the vitamin is a food itself, so you don’t have to take it at specific times.  

And who knows fun better than the Inspired Unemployed duo, who worked with Swisse to launch the new campaign. The former tradies turned social media stars were at the helm of the new campaign, dubbed as the Creative Directors of the The Inspired Unemployed x Swisse Gummies SS23 Collection.

The “fashion geniuses” showed off their new penchant for fashion in a tongue in cheek runway show at the launch of Swisse Gummies at Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne last week with models adorned in colourful and eclectic outfits fashioned out of plastic bags, cables, and synthetic hair.

When asked about working with Swisse, Matt Ford said “it’s great that Aussie brands like Swisse know us and what we do and don’t ask us to change. Working together with a brand we grew up with is surreal and being able to create something we are proud of is even better”.

“We’re busy guys, always on-the-go so the Gummies range aligns with our lifestyles and they taste really good. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and the content we produce reflects that,” said Jack Steele, the other half of The Inspired Unemployed duo.

The brand showcased some unexpected and fun ways to eat the gummies, including using them as cocktail toppers – turning out to be a surprisingly delicious pairing. And why not have some fun with them yourself? Add them to your own cocktails (or mocktails), hand them out as party favours, or throw them onto a food platter.

Swisse Gummies are available to purchase from leading retailers including Woolworths, Coles, Chemist Warehouse and online at

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