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Take Your Workout To The Bedroom With This Online Calculator 

Sex might just be the one exercise that never sees our motivation wane and when it comes to torching calories, this online calculator now lets you know just how many are burnt with your favourite position.

While few things kill the mood quite as quickly as checking your Fitbit while engaged in the act of sex, we get it: sometimes you just want to know the stats behind your wild and euphoric romp between the sheets. From those endurance sessions to the steamy makeouts that have you sweating and gasping for air, few people can deny that sex is a form of exercise that’s as pleasurable as it is beneficial for mental and physical wellbeing, and building greater connections. 

But if you’ve ever wondered just how many calories you might have burned during sex, you’re not alone. In fact it seems the request is so popular that there’s now even an online calculator helping people see just how strenuous certain positions can be. UK company, From Mars, created the online tool to calculate which sex positions burn the most calories, drawing on previous research that surveyed 112 couples with Fitbits to do so. 

Using an average of the number of calories burnt by men and women in the same position, the calculator will multiply the number of minutes by how many calories that position burns, to let you know how much of a workout you had. Ah, science – gotta love it. The website currently lists 12 positions to choose from online to. Coming in at number one with a staggering 211 calories for men and 106 for women every half-hour is the “butter churner” position. This involves the woman “lying on her back with her legs raised above and behind her head with the man penetrating from above,” states the website. 

Standing comes in second, but the website notes that while more calories are burned in this position than most others, it does come at the forfeit of an orgasm for women, with most from the study detailing that they were unable to reach climax in this position and only 17 per cent could finish. Doggy style was noted as one of the best positions for the female orgasm and also came in third as a calorie torcher, followed by standing wheelbarrow and lotus. 

So, when pressed for time and you find you’re unable to get that workout in, why not just take things to the bedroom instead? We’d certainly suggest removing that Fitbit of yours during the deed, but at least you can check your stats post-romp. You can check out the website to see how many calories you’ve burned during sex, here

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