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How to Tell if a Woman Likes You From What She Eats

Choosing what to eat on a first date is half the battle. One wrong decision and you might end up in a sticky situation on the toilet or have a big chunk of sauce fall down the front of your white shirt. 


But recent research shows we aren’t just worrying about what to eat in the presence of a beautiful woman, we’re actually freaking the hell out – but only if we’re attracted to that person.

The study out of Aarhus University in Denmark conducted five behavioural experiments, that “revealed that prior exposure to attractive men decreased women’s willingness to spend money on unhealthy foods, and increased their inclination to spend money on healthy foods.”

The reason? Well, apparently women believe that men prioritise perceived healthiness in a potential mate. Instagram, you’ve done it again.

So if you’re out on a date and she orders the salad, you know you’re in for a good shot. If she orders a pizza, similarly, don’t fret – you never stood a chance.

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