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15 Awesome Health and Wellness Apps and Services For the Modern Man

Make your life a hell-of-a-lot easier.

Life as we know it is now online and in the palm of our hands. We can access banking, communication, dating and even sex all through the touch of a finger. The modern man is on the go and time poor, but he is also prioritising his health and wellbeing – how can you stay at the top of your game if your health isn’t in check? 

Studies show that between 2015-2016, male GP patients accounted for 43% of visits in comparison to female patients at 57%. Moreover, men are less likely to put time and effort into their self-care routines covering everything from daily hygiene tasks to individual relaxation time. So, while we know you’re less likely to soak in a bubble bath and eat an entire chocolate block in one sitting, there are ways you can create your own attainable version of self-care that suits your schedule and lifestyle. As such, we’re here to share the essential apps and digital services you need to know to keep you running at optimal speed (and enjoy a little downtime too). 

Digital Healthcare 

If the pandemic has taught us anything, its that most things can actually be done online – including renewing your scripts or seeking new medication for a range of everyday health issues. As a result, Australian men’s digital health service, Stagger, was created to provide treatments for men’s-based health concerns such as hair loss, premature ejaculation, HSV-1 Cold Sores, HSV-2 Herpes Simplex Virus and sleep. 

We know men are less likely to visit the doctor for a number of reasons – the idea of seeming weak, fear of confronting the issue, and being time poor are just a few. The pharmacy-to-door service means you don’t have to step outside of your home, office or comfort zone to get the medication you need. Stagger requests are processed by an Australian doctor or pharmacist online before being sent directly to you. 

Stagger offers a convenient, fast and discrete way to access medical support through a safe and innovative solution. The hassle-free online healthcare platform will give you more time to prioritise that business meeting, date night or side hustle. 

Online Personal Assistance 

If you’ve ever said, “This is why I need a PA” … now you can outsource day-to-day tasks with a number of online support services. Welcome to the modern world, where anyone can have their cake and eat it too. 

With platforms like Airtasker and TaskRabbit, pass on your to-do list while you focus on other, more important things. Whether it is picking up flowers for your girlfriend, running the trailer to the dump or putting together the IKEA furniture that your partner has been nagging you about, online personal assistance services can be a lifesaver for the modern man! 

Mental Health and Wellness 

As a busy guy, there is nothing worse than falling into bed each night with a racing mind. You’re not the best you when you’re overworked and stressed, so take time out to focus on your mind and body – it’ll do wonders for your productivity, focus and overall outlook on life. 

1. Nike Run Club App 

Be motivated and inspired to push for your personal best when running, including a GPS tracker, audio-guided runs, distance challenges and customisable coaching plans to keep you reaching for new goals. 

2. Strava 

Social media for your workout. Track your cycling and running route with key data from each training session – then share it with your friends, because a little bit of competition or flex never hurt anyone. 

3. Headspace 

Headspace can be your personal meditation and mindfulness coach. With hundreds of guided and non-guided meditation practices and mindfulness activities, connect with your body and mind through the ease of an app! 

4. Sleep cycle 

As we know, quality sleep is integral to boosting your energy, brain function, mood and more! Bettering your sleep hygiene and learning when your body has achieved quality rest and how this can improve your day-to-day wellbeing is really important to your overall health. 

Personal Care 

Stay sharp and clean with Oscar Razor’s Shave Plans subscription. From only $3.75 per month, you can have fresh razors delivered to suit your regular shaving schedule and needs. 


While we live our lives online, it is important to step away from the screen sometimes. Aussie service, Bookabuy is a monthly book subscription that delivers new books to your door based on your favourite genres. 


While we know podcasts aren’t a new concept, they are exceptionally helpful to keep us entertained, engaged, up-to-date, tuned in or zoned out, while on the go or at home. There are so many podcasts focused on educating you on all thing’s health and wellness. We wanted to help you get started and have curated a list of our favourites. 

1. Ask Men’s Health 

From Instagram to the Internet, everyone fancies themselves an expert these days. But not all advice is worth listening to. That’s why we launched Ask Men’s Health, so we can sift through the BS to give our readers trusted guidance on all things health and fitness. Each week we ask readers to submit questions on everything from training to mental health, nutrition, relationships and more. We’ll offer a succinct, easy-to-understand answer and if we can’t, we’ll engage the expertise of someone who can.

2. Stuff You Should Know 

Have a laugh and be guided through the little to the big things you should know as an adult, including everything from history and food to how mail order marriage work. 

3. Download this Show 

Updates on all things tech, media, electronics, digital politics and more, Marc Fennell provides digestible news to keep you in the know and on top of your digital game. You can find the show via ABC Radio. 

4. Young Blood

A motivating and inspirational podcast based on the notion that men can’t or won’t talk about their feelings to break down the taboo of this myth and encourage others to share their own story.

Whether you’re looking to be energised, zen’ed out, or just tick boxes, the above services and apps are great way to save you time so you can prioritise what’s most important to you. 

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