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The Fittest Man on Two Hands: Zion Clark Keeps Breaking Records

Born without legs, inspirational athlete Zion Clark hasn’t let that stop him from shattering a handful of world records.

Have you ever felt like giving up because your training was too hard? That there’s no way you could achieve your lofty goals? Zion Clark shows us that anything is possible with the right mindset. Clark was born with caudal regression syndrome. A disorder that impairs the development of the lower half of the body. Clark has always had to push his body to the limit to reach his goals and he hasn’t let his condition stop him from becoming a world record holder, with two new world titles claimed this month.

Clark has the words ‘no excuses’ tattooed on his back. The tattoo serves as a personal motto that the athlete lives by. Although he was born without legs, Clark doesn’t let that interfere with his drive for greatness. He’s become a professional wrestler, motivational speaker and author wile he keeps pushing to break world records. Earlier this month, Clark claimed the Guinness World Record’s for the highest box jump with hands and the most diamond push ups in three minutes.

Clark needed to jump 24 inches (0.61 metres) to break the existing broad jump record. This target was no challenge for Clark, who cleared it on his first attempt. Knowing he could set an either higher record, Clark pushed for a 30-inch jump and yet again nailed it on his first attempt. Eventually, Clark’s best effort resulted in a new world record of 33 inches being set.

Clark wasn’t done there. On the same day, Clark followed up his first incredible record with an attempt to break the record for the most diamond pushups in three minutes. Most gym-goers would be familiar with diamond pushups, a classic variation of a standard pushup. Diamond pushups bring your hands closer together to put a heavier load on your arms to target the triceps. This is a gruelling exercise. Think about how many you could do before collapsing because Clark can undoubtedly do more. Clark shattered the previous record, performing an insane 248 diamond push ups in less than three minutes.

Clark previously rose to global prominence after he set the world record for the fastest 20 metre walk on hands. The achievement was the first of his three world records and fulfilled Clark’s lifelong dream of being a world record holder.

In 2018, Clark was the subject of a Netflix documentary titled ‘Zion’. The documentary showcased the daily challenges Clark faces and the athletes unstoppable drive to become a wrestler. He now wrestles (and beats) able-bodied competitors. The result of years of training to adapt his technique and develop a unique wrestling style.

Clark is reaping the rewards of a lifetime of dedication and hard work, but his childhood was filled with hardships. Clark’s rare disorder was always going to make life difficult, but he faced a myriad of challenges right from his birth. His birth mother couldn’t care for him, so he moved between foster homes for most of his childhood until he was finally adopted at the age of 16. “I had a rough life, and I had a lot of trials and tribulations, but it’s really helped shape who I am as a person and what my motives are,” Clark told Guinness World Records.

Clark shared his everyday lifestyle with the Habits & Hustle podcast. When asked about his sex life, Clark assures us that he can in fact have sex and that he has never had problems finding interested partners, “I may not have been the most-liked person at my school, but I was always pulling up with the sexiest chick at homecoming and prom. Everybody would want my girl every time,” he said.

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Zion Clark has been facing challenges and pushing his body to the limit for his whole life. Clark’s inspirational story is proof that it doesn’t matter what cards you’ve been dealt. Whatever your circumstances, your ambition and personal drive can take you to the top.

By Cayle Reid

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