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New Netflix Documentary Claims Vegan Diet Can Help Boost Your Erections

If drugs and fancy gimmicks aren’t your thing when it comes to getting a bit extra out of your Johnson, you might want ditch the meat. At least that’s what a new documentary is encouraging, claiming that a vegan diet can help boost your erection. 

According to the new Netflix doco Game Changers, sticking to greens can boost both erection size and endurance – consider it a natural viagra.

Urologist and author Dr. Aaron Spitz is the man responsible for the research. In the movie, he recruits three male college athletes analysing their standard sexual performance as well as measuring their length and girth size, all while monitoring their sleep. 

On the first night, the volunteers tuck into a meat-based burritos. The team of scientists measure the effects on their erections. The following night, they’re given plant-based burritos. 

Interestingly, after recording changes in their sexual performance, researchers noticed the men showed an 8 per cent increase in erection hardness and a 300 to 500 per cent increase in erection duration, compared to the meat-based meal. 

“This is not a scientifically validated study, but the results that we’re seeing are very exciting,” Spitz says in the film.

So is a vegan diet the secret to sexual performance? Well kind of.

The most obvious explanation is the resulting blood flow to the penis after each feed. Typically meat and dairy products are high in saturated fat and cholesterol, two factors that can contribute to erectile dysfunction. Meanwhile plant-based diets are said to be beneficial to your cardiovascular health. 

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