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The Most Well-Endowed Man Reveals What It’s Really Like Having The World’s Largest Penis

Turns out things are a little more complicated for Jonah Falcon than you might expect.

Many a Hollywood rom-com has made the argument that size matters. From American Pie to Sex and the City, and who can forget Cameron Diaz’s starring role in The Sweetest Thing, with a scene solely devoted to the three female stars belting out a song whose chorus was literally, “You’re too big to fit in here” in a nod to the exaggerated exclamations of excitement women spin for the delight of their male partners. While the emergence of dating sites for those with below-average penis size have now quite clearly indicated that size doesn’t matter, for those who still think it’s the be all and end all, you might want to consider the life of Jonah Falcon – otherwise known as the man with the world’s largest penis. 

While something of an unofficial title (who knows who else might be walking around with an impressive package), Falcon does measure up at 13.5 inches when erect which, to put it mildly, is sizeable. He became so famous for his large penis after getting “roped into” an HBO documentary called Private D***s: Men Exposed, which was then followed by an interview on the Howard Stern Show. But as far as being god’s gift to women, Falcon recently opened up about the good, bad and rather surprising factors that come into play when you are well-endowed.

When it comes to the good, Falcon revealed: “I don’t have that insecurity, and I think I have a more open mind because I’m not constantly trying to prove myself.” He added, “I don’t need a fancy car, I don’t need a gun, I happily wear a mask, and so on, because I don’t have to prove my masculinity to anyone else. I’ll wear all pink, d*** it!”

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But life isn’t all smooth sailing Falcon, there are some notable downsides to having a penis of his size. According to Falcon, the worst part is the ‘preconceptions’ people have. “For some reason, having 13-plus inches means I’m a bad person, or I’m egotistic, or I’m a porn star, or I’m dumb, or I’m a shit.” He continued: “Also, I’m sick and tired of having people wanting me to measure in front of them. I’ve done it 10,000 times – enough already!” 

Life is actually quite challenging for the bloke. Falcon revealed that his testicles are proportionate in size, so to avoid all that squeezing in the front, he has to actually wrap his penis “off to the left”. He added, “Also, I have my ‘incognito’ pants that are baggy, and I put my wallet in the left pocket [to hide my penis from being visible through my pants].”

When asked if he’s ever been too big for a partner, Falcon admitted that things usually aren’t too bad if someone is excited “even though I am a little thicker than my wrist.” He said, “I’m pretty slow, anyway. I love kissing and making out, and I am pretty good at oral. Slow and steady wins the race.” 

As for any advice for the males out there, Falcon kept it simple. “A hot bod and a winning personality will attract far more than a large c**k if you’re looking for sex. No one cares if you have a small c**k except yourself. Don’t bring it up, and if they make comments, just show how experienced you are at using your mouth.”

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