This Guy Lost 63 KG And Gained A New Lease On Life

This club cricketer lost 63 kg and gained a new lease on life

Victorian man Jacob Banks was overweight and depressed after a relationship breakdown. Here's how he shed 63 kilos in just eight months

LOSING 63 KG in eight months is a feat that defies logic –  and fires the imagination. In the case of Victorian man, Jacob Banks, it was close to half his body weight – essentially like bidding farewell to a whole person’s worth of weight. Banks, a 35-year-old recruitment consultant from Melbourne, embarked on this mind-blowing journey after hitting rock bottom emotionally and physically.

Once tipping the scales at 135 kg, after the breakdown of a relationship, Banks found himself at a crossroads. He was tired of being the perennial “big guy” at his local cricket club. “I was living on a diet of two large pizzas and garlic bread every Friday night,” he confesses with a mix of humour and regret. But beneath the wit lay a deeper desire for change – a longing to reclaim happiness and a sense of self.

Banks’ journey wasn’t just about shedding kilos; it was a holistic metamorphosis achieved by setting incremental goals. “I started with small goals –  let’s just lose 10 kg. Get the 10. Once I lose 10, let’s go another 10, let’s go to 20. So, I tried to go up in 10-kilo increments,” he explains. His weapon of choice? A 1200-calorie meal plan from ‘Lite and easy’ that became his steadfast companion through sweat and temptation.

The results were nothing short of astonishing. Banks’ mates were unable to recognise him. Even his own parents initially walked past him at his dad’s 70th birthday dinner. “It was one of those moments like I’m sitting right there and they kind of walk past me cause they didn’t recognise me,” he chuckles. “I mean, I had bought a new wardrobe and everything but still.” 

As well as his Lite n’ Easy meal plan Banks swapped TV and snacks for 10,000 steps a day, then added gym sessions and runs six days a week.

“It wasn’t just about the food; it was about committing to change,” he says, explaining that Lite n’ Easy’s meals were a foundation – a reliable ally in the battle against cravings and old habits.

Beyond physical changes, Banks’ journey rekindled passions and opened doors to new adventures. Indeed, he now has a thirst for personal growth.

“Life has changed in ways I never imagined possible,” he says. “I’m training for a 10-kilometre run in Melbourne on July 21, and even eyeing a half marathon.  “It’s just that mindset, like I can now do it. Lets fucking do it. I’ve wasted 10 years of my life, so there’s a bit of a mindset like that. Wasting so much time, let’s try and get back out there.”

His advice for others embarking on a similar journey? “It’s not a sprint, but you’ve got to keep moving forward, and make sure you have the right support network around you.” 

As he continues to set his sights higher, Banks’ journey offers a template for anyone who’s not entirely happy with who they are and wants to make positive changes. No matter how tough the road ahead might look, with a little bit of grit and some will power, anything is possible.


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