How This Aussie Truck Driver Lost 70 Kilograms

The life saving transformation of truckie Paul Nugent

"You won't be here next year". The candid words that sparked an Aussie truck driver's inspiring weight-loss journey.

A WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY is not just a jaw-dropping physical transformation but one of self-discovery, discipline, and resilience. Often, it comprises a relentless succession of mental hurdles many fail to overcome. Paul Nugent, a proud dad and truck driver, has climbed the weight-loss mountain and set an inspiring example of how embarking on this journey can change lives.

Despite being overweight, insulin-dependent, and struggling with sleep apnea, Nugent decided to take back control of his life. But this story is not just about Nugent’s remarkable weight-loss journey, it’s about empowering anyone who want to re-write their health narrative. It’s about squashing the stereotypes and misconceptions around weight loss and acknowledging that with a determined mindset and the proper support, anybody can achieve their health goals.

Nugent’s wake-up call

Nugent’s weight-loss journey was sparked in 2015 when he was sitting around a campsite with friends. As Nugent recalls, he spent much his two-week holiday glued to a camp chair, drinking, eating and sleeping. But a sly comment from family and friends, telling him that he wouldn’t be around the following year if he didn’t make a change, saw Nugent begin to think about his long-term health for the first time. The blunt realisation of just how unhealthy he had become hit Nugent hard. And the alarming facts were already right in front of him—snoring, sleep apnea, and insulin dependency due to type 2 diabetes.

“What made these comments so frightening was that these were camping friends, people I had known for a long time, even the kids agreed who were at the age of 12 or 13,” Nugent tells Men’s Health. “They said you’re not gonna be here next year, you’re not gonna make it.” 



Nugent’s job as a truckie is already a race against the clock, leaving him little choice but to rely on fast food dinners and service station snacks. His health had to take a back seat to his ticking work schedule. 

After experimenting with various diets, Nugent was inspired by a fellow work colleague who returned to work after Christmas with a slim new look. He was trying the 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan—a diet low in calories that features meal replacement bars, smoothies, shakes, and soups as your new go-to diet items. 

The journey begins

In February 2016, the single father of four decided to start his weight loss journey. Tipping the scales at 168 kg, Nugent’s journey was guided by his diet consultant, Tamara, who committed him to the same 1:1 Diet plan that had helped his work colleague drop the weight.

“I did everything right, says Nugent. “I drank two litres of water a day, I ate salads, I stayed away from alcohol and ate lean meat and fresh veggies. I also chose to eat smaller meals.” 

Immediately, Nugent’s diet shake-up saw him strip away 8.9 kg within the first month. 

With his energy levels rising thanks to correct food choices and dieting, Nugent decided to throw regular exercising into the weight loss mix. 

“Stepping it up with that little bit of exercise was the game changer,” he says. “I was obsessed because I was seeing the results. You don’t have to exercise if you’re too busy, but I chose to start exercising to go further in my progress. At the end of the day, it’s a mental thing. You have to be 110 per cent focused on it, and if you want it bad enough, which I did, you will see results. I had to want to do it.”

Smashing his weight-loss goals

Paul’s dieting kicked off a slew of weight-loss achievements. At the end of 21 weeks, Nugent had lost 40 kg. After 8.5 months, he’d lost a total of 59.6 kg. After 12 months, Nugent’s new lease on healthy living had seen him lose a mammoth 70 kilos, tipping the scales at his double-digit goal of 98 kg. 


Nugent credits his success to his family, friends, and consultant, Tamara, who became his mentor, counsellor and, more importantly, his friend throughout the journey. 

Nugent believes anyone can achieve their weight-loss goals with the right mindset and support, advising people to take control of their lives and focus on how badly they want to change. 


Nugent’s advice to men wanting to lose weight

The average Australian bloke’s ‘She’ll be right’ attitude to their health needs to change, Nugent says. 

“I’ve told blokes about this program and they tell me they love food and alcohol too much,” he says. “But it’s not about that. It’s about how much you love your kids, your grandkids, your wife, how much you love your life.”

Today, Nugent not only looks impressive, but he feels fantastic. Equipped with a drive to live, his story is one that resonates across the country. It’s easy to get discouraged when trying to lose weight, but Nugent’s journey reminds us that success is always possible.

“It’s an amazing feeling, and I still feel great eight years later, still mentally focused on it and conscientious about it. I don’t want to go back to it again.”

The phrase “life is too short” is a cliché. Nevertheless, in this case, Nugent’s awe-inspiring weight-loss journey emphasises the significance of this oft-repeated phrase. Indeed, it’s now impossible to ignore.




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