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The Rock Gave Fans a Home Gym Tour of His ‘Iron Paradise’

Calling this expansive setup a "home gym" feels like a stretch.

If The Rock‘s home gym could talk, it’d spill the training secrets of a legend. But since the white brick walls can’t wax poetic, taking a peek inside of the Maimi-based set-up is about as good as it gets.

Lucky for fans, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson recently gave a tour of his so-called “Iron Paradise” on his Project Rock Instagram page, providing fans yet another peek inside the training facility of one of the biggest (literally) actors on the planet.

The home gym—a term used very loosely because this thing is bigger than a sports club—appears to be his Los Angeles home base (since he’s got other training spaces at his other properties across the U.S.) and helps the highest-earning actor in Hollywood maintain his big and buff frame.

The true training paradise includes countless professional-grade machines and training stations, including a commercial Smith machine, a unilateral leg press, and a narrow runway of turf, which Johnson uses for his go-to weighted lunges on leg day.

Eagle-eyed viewers will be quick to spot a safety bar on his squat rack—Johnson’s strength coach Dave Rienzi told MH in 2019 that he uses the safety bar to “hit[s] the middle point between the front and back squat and limits the strain on the knees and lower back” Then there are the rows upon rows of top-of-the-line Iron Grip dumbells, a stocked Zoa Energy fridge (the energy drink brand Johnson owns), and a chalk bowl for treating those sweaty hands for a better grip.

Many of the items in Johnson’s Iron Paradise are appear to be made by StarTrac, a brand specializing in commercial-grade gym equipment, and Hammer Strength, a brand known for performance-strength training equipment designed for elite athletes. His cardio equipment is looks to be mostly made by Precor, which sells commercial gym equipment not often found in your average home gym. And while the post featuring the tour gave a nice intro to his setup, you can spot even more of his equipment (and watch the big man himself using it) in another video hyping his most recent Project Rock gear drop.

While The Rock’s epic home gym may put your area fitness center to shame, you can still apply the ethos of the Iron Paradise to your at-home setup. After all, personalizing your workout space with the gear you love—and love to actually use—can be a major key to crushing your goals.

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