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Try This Simple Trick To Shift More Weight In The Gym

Feel the need to grunt like an animal at the squat rack? Don’t hold it in.


Researchers believe that primitive vocalisations trigger the fight-or-flight response to recruit more muscle fibres as you lift.


In fact, a Drexel University study found that grunting instead of regular breathing can boost maximum static handgrip strength by as much as 25 per cent.


What’s more, it improves your stability by forcing your core to contract, says strength coach Tony Gentilcore.


Now the downside: your cave-man soundtrack is not impressing the Miranda Kerr lookalike on the treadmill.


To harness your animal power without the ruckus, close your lips, press your tongue into the roof of your mouth and breathe deeply through your nose as you lift.


If that doesn’t work, switch to a powerlifting or CrossFit gym. Primitive sounds are welcome there.


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