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The Smoothest Way To Invite A Woman Back For Sex

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Is there an easy way to invite her back to my place for sex?

Aaron B.

The best approach is the straightforward one.


Pull her close and whisper in her ear: “I really want to be alone with you. Want to come back to my place?”


Don’t worry if it doesn’t sound quite as smooth as you’d like – a bit of awkwardness will actually be endearing. She’ll appreciate that it doesn’t seem like you have too much practice making the offer.


The important thing is to convey authenticity and confidence.


Some guys try to be coy, inventing some excuse to get a woman alone when they’re really hoping for sex. (“You haven’t seen The Godfather?! I have the whole trilogy on DVD!”)


I get it – these guys probably feel like they’re playing it safe. But women can usually smell an ulterior motive.


And more importantly, this is not the time for pretence.


If you’re clear about what you’re asking, you’ll get the clear answer you need to get on with your evening.

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