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Research Reveals The Top Ten Places For Sex On Holidays

Australia’s leading online sex retailer lovehoney has surveyed us Aussies to find the top spots for out of the box (and out of the bedroom) sex while on holidays.

Sex expert Tracey Cox says a getaway is a great opportunity to rekindle passion in a relationship.

“In the safety of your own home, your partner’s hand sliding up your leg feels mundane – done in semi-public it’s suddenly massively exciting. Choose low-risk places, fondle through clothing rather than remove it, choose a position you can unwind from in a flash and consider sticking to foreplay and finishing at home.”

So let these popular locations for lovemaking provide a bit inspiration.

1. On a beach 

Yep, 57% of couples are not concerned about their situation getting sandy. 

2. Picturesque landmark

Around 37% of couples like to combine their sightseeing with their sexual activities.

3. Field

31% of people are really “getting in tune with nature” while on holidays. 

4. Park

Is there really that much of a different between a field and a park? At least 3% of a difference apparently – 28% of couples admit to going down on more than the slippery dip. 

6. Next to lake or river

How serene – 22% of couples enjoy a body of water while they explore each other’s bodies. 

7. The sea

We’re not above making a joke about semen. 18% of couples like it better down where it’s wetter. 

8. In a plane loo

14% of couples are navigating the tiny plane toilet to make it into the Mile High Club.

9. Hotel or apartment balcony

13% of couples are getting frisky on the balcony,

10. Nightclub

12% of couples are getting down and dirty on the dance floor.

This article originally appeared on Women’s Health

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