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7 Things She’ll Eventually Discover About You

When we get into relationships, we only want our significant other to see our positive side. You know, like waking up early on the weekends to mow our grandparents lawn, volunteering at the homeless shelter and regularly hitting the gym.

But since everyone makes mistakes, everyone’s going to have skeletons hiding in their closets that they aren’t proud of. While you might want to shield your partner from your past indiscretions, honest really is the best policy.

If you want to get serious with a woman, you need to be open and honest with each other. In the end they are women, and you should know by now (mothers, anyone?) that women find out everything. 

Better to spill the dirt than have her find out you’ve been hiding things from her.

1\ You Watch Porn

If you’re part of the majority of men, the chances are that you watch porn. It’s highly likely she does too. While it may seem like the gentleman-ish thing to do to tell her how ‘disgusting’ porn is and how degrading it is towards woman, she’s not going to buy it for a second. The likely scenario: you’ll tell her it’s disgusting then sooner or later she’ll discover your browsing history, then you’ll be busted as being a porn addict and a liar.

2\ You’re A Slob

Women don’t expect you to scrub the floors of your apartment every morning and night, but on the other hand they also don’t expect you to have three weeks worth of plates stacked up in your sink. And if your kitchen is messy, the chances are your bedroom, bathroom and loungeroom are going to be just as bad. Allocate some time every week to cleaning up your space – nothing turns a woman off more than walking into a dump.

3\ You’ve Cheated In The Past

We’re telling you now: if you don’t tell her yourself, she will find out. We don’t know how, but believe us – she just will. If you’ve cheated in the past, it’s best to just be honest with her. Tell her the circumstances behind said cheating, but don’t try and rationalise your actions. Make sure she knows how remorseful and regretful you are about what you did.

4\ Your Mental Issues

You might be able to hide these at the start of your relationship, but when you start seeing each other more the truth will inevitably come out  – leopards can’t change their spots. If you have any psychological issues, such as depression or anxiety, it’s only fair you give them early warning to ensure they don’t run for the hills if you have a meltdown in front of them. 

5\ You Do Drugs or Smoke

If you enjoy smoking cigarettes and doing recreational drugs, this is something you shouldn’t keep a secret. Drug use can often be a deal breaker for women and if she finds out you’ve been lying to her, it’s likely she’ll kick your ass to the pavement. Being honest with her and trying to make her understand why you partake in these activities is the better option. If you don’t, she’s bound to smell the smoke on you eventually.

6\ You’re A Jealous Bastard 

The best thing we can tell you here is don’t be jealous, but if you’re a jealous bastard that’s not going to do you any good. Don’t get us wrong, women love feeling like your protective of them. But you have to know where to draw the line. If she’s an attractive woman, it’s only natural for a lot of other guys to be interested in her, too. But it’s important to remember that she’s with you, not them. If you get jealous easily, just tell her – it’s either that or her finding it out when you lose your marbles after a guy she works with likes her Instagram photo. 

7\ Your Health Issues

If you have any serious health conditions you should let her know as early as possible. While the first date mightn’t be the ideal time to drop the bomb that you have an STD (unless you planned on sleeping with her that night), getting it out in the open is the best way to go. The earlier she knows of any concerning health problems you have, the earlier she can let you know if they’re a deal breaker. 

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