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60% of Women Would Give Up Sex For This ONE Thing

What would it take for you to give up sex forever?

A year-long, all expenses paid trip around the world? Endless amounts of money? Getting to marry the celebrity of your dreams? 

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Sure, all those things sound appealing. But would they really be enough to make you give up sex forever? Well, apparently most people would give up sex for a LOT less.

According to a new survey by MakeYourSwitch.co.uk, three out of five women would give up sex for $1 million. Alas, women aren’t alone, with 56 per cent of men also admitting they’d give up sex for $1 million.

“It’s rather surprising that such a high proportion of people, especially men, would prefer money over sex,” said Emma Kenny, psychologist and director of Make Your Switch.

“Sex is great for mental and physical wellbeing and should you feel that money is more important then it is likely that you have issues in your relationship or with your libido.”

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