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This Brutal Full-Body Burner Will Have You Absolutely Spent

Courtesy of Will Moroski. - by Scott Henderson

Give this at-home, full-body workout a whirl, then up your results by searching @willmoroski on PayPal or Instagram to donate to one of Moroski’s causes.

“The biggest struggle for myself and most of my clients is motivation,” Moroski explains. “At home, self-motivation is extremely hard. It’s not as easy to get motivated compared with signing up for a spin, bootcamp or CrossFit class, where you just have to get there and you’re put through the workout. Whereas at home, especially when people were just Googling ‘at-home workouts’… you needed the motivation to find a workout and then push yourself to do it.”

It was that lack of motivation, combined with his tech know-how and an engaged following, that gave Moroski the idea to start a weekly virtual workout. However, it wasn’t until the Black Lives Matter movement really took off that he realised the extent of what could be achieved with his pandemic project.

“All over the world, but specifically in the US, I felt really helpless because I felt I wanted to make a difference, I wanted to do more than run an Instagram workout and yell at my followers. I wanted to talk about how Black lives matter and how we all need to be better.”

It was at this point Moroski decided to up the ante by aligning workouts with donations to causes of the moment – issues that his followers could relate to and organisations
that were making a difference. “What if we took this live-workout idea and we added in a new charity every week that I felt was relevant to what was going on in the world, so I could educate myself on a new charity? But then also bring attention to it through the people who are doing the workout.”

Here, Will shares one of his workouts to get you moving. Enjoy.


30 seconds of each exercise:

2 rounds of jumping jacks, high knees, side-to-side shuffle


45-second plank. Complete 2 rounds with a 15-second break


Alternating 20 backward lunges; 3 sets


90 seconds of side lunges; 90 seconds curtsy lunges. No break


8 sets of 8 slow-tempo push-ups


4 mins, 20 seconds each exercise, with 10-second breaks.

Rotate between bicycles and leg lifts


1-min side plank, then 16 hip drops. Repeat on other side


8 sumo squats, 8 air squats, 8 lunges each leg. Do 4 rounds


45 seconds repeating 4 jump lunges followed by 1 burpee.

Complete only 2 rounds


2 x 30 burpees.

Take 2 minutes rest between sets

By Scott Henderson

Scott is the Editor of Men's Health Australia, where he oversees all editorial content of the country's largest men’s magazine. As a fitness addict, adventure sport lover, and passionate story-teller, Henderson is committed to living the Men’s Health brand.

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