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This Distance Runner Just Attempted The Mexican Army Fitness Test

Consisting of pull-ups, sit-ups, jumps, running and swimming, Elijah Orr took on the gruelling challenge in the hope of achieving a “perfect” score.

If you aren’t familiar with Elijah Orr, know that he’s a man with a penchant for the most physically taxing of challenges. Whether it be logging extensive miles or taking on fitness tasks requiring tests of strength and power, Orr never shies away from testing his limits and has created something of a cult-following on his YouTube channel, as audiences around the world tune in to see the distance runner and fitness vlogger in action. 

In the latest of gruelling tasks Orr has taken on, he tried his hand at the Mexican Army’s physical fitness test, which consists of a broad jump, 100 metre sprint, pull-ups, sit-ups, 2.8km run and 1m tower jump into a 25m swim. If you’ve watched any episodes of SAS: Who Dares Wins recently, you’d likely be familiar with the challenges those in the military face on a daily basis. These are individuals who don’t just need to be physically fit, but also need to be emotionally and mentally fit, too. 

With their strength and endurance, soldiers are the modern day ninja warrior. In order to take on the demanding tasks of warfare, theirs is a physique that is hardwired for activity of the most gruelling kind. When it comes to testing, most soldiers are examined by a number of tests that include examining their mental fitness and physical. For the latter, some tests evaluate a soldier’s fitness by simulating common tasks performed in the line of active duty, while the other has them complete common endurance, aerobic and strength exercises – like that of the Mexican Army physical fitness test. 


Orr begins his challenge with the broad jump and achieves a distance of 211cm, surpassing the minimum requirement of a score of 150cm as he lands himself firmly in the “great” category. He then completes the 100m sprint in 15.27 seconds, securing yet another good (but sadly, not perfect) score. 

For the pull-ups, Orr has to execute 12 reps with slow and controlled form to achieve a top score. Incredibly, he surpasses the number with a total of 13 pull-ups, a strong start that he continues to capitalise on as the fitness test continues. In the sit-ups round, Orr completes 41 reps in a row. 

Of course, when it comes to the 2.8km run, Orr excels with ease. It might not be the long distances he’s used to, but considering some of the strongest individuals would find 2.8km a significant distance to complete, it goes to show that Orr isn’t just a man who excels at running, but also has the strength to boot. He completes the run in 10:51, a far shorter time than even the gold-standard requirement. 

The last remaining part of the challenge is the 1m tower jump directly into a 25m swim. “It’s pretty simple. I think it’s just to make sure you know how to swim and wouldn’t drown,” says Orr. “We’re in the army now!” 

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