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This Is What You Need To Amplify Your Workout – Before, During And After

Prepare, perform and recover with the new Swisse Active sports nutrition range

Performing at your peak just got a whole lot easier and way more convenient.

Scientifically formulated and nutrient-dense, Swisse Active’s on-the-go sports supplement range elevates performance – no matter what your fitness level.

This is your new pre, during and post-activity essential support, streamlined into PREPARE, PERFORM and RECOVER products, each stage is colour-coded for easy identification and selection. 

Swisse Active sports nutrition range

Swisse Active is low in sugar and vegan. Sweat, repair and grow with confidence every time you get physical.

Nail your form and build strength to sustain your next golf round, run or sun salutation.

Here’s how Swisse Active works, when simply mixed with water: 

  1. Choose PREPARE: For an energy boost before physical activity. So, when your mind says ‘not today’, PREPARE will switch your body and status to “raring to go’. PREPARE contains those well-known and effective natural stimulating ingredients such as green tea, guarana, B vitamins, gingko and ginseng. 
  2. Choose PERFORM: To boost performance and hydration during physical activity. Keep it handy for when that mid-workout fatigue kicks in and you just want to slack off – PERFORM will have you reaching your PB goals and get you over the finish line like a pro. PERFORM replenishes what you lose when you sweat thanks to a strategic mix of electrolytes, magnesium to reduce fatigue, as well as beetroot and maca root powder.
  3. Choose RECOVER: To boost recovery and hydration after physical activity. It restores the body post-workout and assists muscle function and health. RECOVER will get you back doing what you love. It contains a muscle-supporting blend of magnesium, with turmeric and essential BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids), which your body can’t produce on its own.
Swisse Active sports nutrition range

Designed to support all genders, fitness levels and sporting abilities, Swisse Active helps you push further to achieve your exercise goals, with its energy, hydration and muscle health formulations. Motivate, support and reward your inner athlete with Swisse Active. Shop the range here:

Disclaimer: To be consumed in conjunction with a nutritious diet and exercise program. Not a sole source of nutrition.

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