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The Full-Body Workout Behind Tim Robards’ Rig

Tim Robards’ resume includes chiro, Bachelor alum, neighbours star and full-time abs-haver. Which is why when he recently shared one of his go-to full-body workouts to Instagram, we were front and centre taking notes.

“A little TRM ring sequence with @chrisnayna that is known in certain circles as the #ringstinger ???? “ he captioned the video.

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Check out the exact moves – and reps – he recommends below:

5 rounds
1️⃣2x muscle up
2️⃣2x dip
3️⃣2x L-sit
4️⃣2x candlestick
5️⃣2x skin the cat
6️⃣2x pull up

Let’s break down the benefits of each exercise, shall we? The pull-ups, muscle-ups and candlesticks attack the middle back/lats, upper back and lower traps, while also giving the biceps and forearms a thorough burn. The dips target the triceps, chest and shoulders and the L-sits work the obliques, hip flexors and quads. Then, there’s skin the cat, which is a great way to build strength through your shoulder girdle.

Put simply, no body part is left out of this workout. And the best bit? Every single move will test your abdominals. 

“Holy shit!!!! My whole body hurts watching this! You guys are animals ????????????????” one follower commented on the post.

“What.A.Machine????????????????????” another wrote.

Keen to try this at home? Our official advice is to invest in a good sweat towel (and a strong tree.)

Good luck!

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