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Why We Can’t Wait For Tokyo 2020

In just 365 days we’ll see some of the world’s greatest athletes competing for ultimate glory. Aside from the obvious excitement that involves, there are a few more things we can’t wait to see at Tokyo 2020. 

Environmentally friendly features

From using renewable energy as the sole power source to recycled uniforms for athletes – Tokyo 2020 is all about embracing sustainability through a range of different initiatives. Even the podiums athletes will stand on are made from recycled plastic waste, collected from Japanese citizens. 

Technological innovation

Japan has a reputation for innovation and this will be on full display in 2020. This includes driverless taxis, robotic helpers, multilingual translation tools and high-end sport-related data devices. Say hello to the future. 

More gender balance than ever before

At Tokyo 2020, women are expected to account for 49% of all athletes. This is the most gender-balanced participation in history. It will also see the number of mixed events doubling from nine to 18. 

Exciting new events

In addition to the feats of athleticism we’re used to, we’ll also get to witness incredible competition in five new sports. These include baseball/softball, karate, skateboarding, sport climbing and surfing.

Exploring an incredible city

With its mix of cutting-edge design and ancient architecture – we’ll get to see what a stunning city Tokyo is through a range of events. Anyone lucky enough to be there in person will get to explore everything it’s renowned for from phenomenal food to breathtaking attractions.

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