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Top 5 Low Carb Healthy Snacks

These are my top 5 low carb healthy snacks that I recommend for you to reach your health and fitness goals. They celebrate my three key ingredients to keep you feeling fuller for longer, eliminating cravings for sweet treats, and supporting your goals, not derailing them.

My Choc Fudge Slab 

This recipe is my ultimate go to keto and paleo friendly snack to have on hand. It stays firm at room temperature unlike some other home made chocolates, keeps you feeling full, curbs any sweet cravings, and contains simple delicious ingredients. Check out the recipe here!

Nutella’ Boats

Combine 2 tablespoons of your favourite nut butter with a teaspoon of raw cacao powder and you have home made Nutella. Spread this into the grooves of some celery and you have yourself some delicious Nutella Boats.

Tahini with Cucumber Dippers

Tahini is a fantastic smooth and creamy alternative to hummus. Enjoy a 2 tablespoons of tahini with some freshly sliced cucumber dippers. Refreshing and delicious. Perfect for a nut free school lunch box or to take to work in Tupperware.

Cinnamon and Vanilla Granola Trail Mix

I am all about cooking in bulk and utilising recipes for different occasions. One of my favourite recipes is a simple home made Cinnamon and Vanilla Granola! Its delicious for breakfast with coconut cream and berries, and perfect to be eaten fresh and crunchy as a trail mix snack on the go.

Last Nights Leftovers 

Ever have just a small portion of food leftover at the end of dinner and either force yourself to eat it even though you’re full or simply throw it out? Overeat and waste no more by simply sealing up those last few mouthfuls for a delicious low carb snack on the go. From sliced steak with some leftover roast broccoli, or a portion of cauliflower fired rice, see how you can make main meals stretch further.

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