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Meet The Man Who Just Did 2,400 Pushups In 11 Hours And 5 Minutes

Peter Christensen, best known as @draftcheat, bet FantasyLabs founder Jonathan Bales that he couldn’t do 2400 pushups in less than 12 hours. And part of the agreement was every rep had to be filmed to ensure he didn’t cheat. Naturally, the pair live-streamed the challenge to Twitch

Before the timer started, Bales posted a quick teaser so fans could assess his technique to ensure it was satisfactory. 

Bales crunched the numbers, beginning with sets six pushups at a time. As time went on, he moved to sets of five and then sets of four towards the end of the challenge.

Finishing with a time of 11 hours and 5 minutes, Bales smashed the 2400 pushup target in well under 12 hours. 

“This was a pretty good line,” he said.

“I probably could’ve done a hundred or two hundred more… I was going to do higher reps, but everyone suggested not to do that. After the long break [5 hours in], I could’ve finished faster but I thought I might get injured. I was feeling like I was going to tear my bicep.”

The original wager was just US$2000, but after the live-stream went viral, more than US$1 million in online bets were laid – Bales decided to put it to a good cause. 

“We’ll be giving some of the money to COVID-19 relief,” he said.

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