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Tyson Fury Has Overhauled His Diet Ahead Of Rematch With Deontay Wilder

The brit has teamed up with a new trainer – SugarHill Steward has subbed in for Ben Davison – with an added focus on his nutrition ahead of the bout. He’s also enlisted chef George Lockhart to handle his food, which includes four trips to the supermarket per day to ensure his fridge is fully stocked. 

“Each day I try to give Tyson a diverse group of food,” Lockhart told Sky Sports.

“He has a different type of meat with every meal. From what I’ve heard in other camps he ate chicken and rice. Now we make crazy meals.

“He’s had the same meal just twice in the entire camp – a jambalaya that I made. He eats six times per day and, apart from that, hasn’t had the same meal twice.

“I would never make him something that he doesn’t like because I can find something similar in texture and taste which would fit their palate. If he doesn’t like something, he wouldn’t eat it. There should be no reason to even want to cheat. People think healthy food is not tasty. But he’s not hungry, he’s not craving anything because he has a diverse diet. He has dark chocolate, honey, sweets and spices, salts – his palate gets everything that it wants.”

“Deontay knows he was rocked three or four times in the last fight and I didn’t have the gas to finish him. This time I can turn that screwdriver until he is gone,” Fury said during a press conference last month.

“You are going to sleep in two rounds. I keep having the same dream about round two. I am playing poker and I get dealt the number two card. He is getting knocked out in round two, 100 per cent.

“What is going to happen is that I am going to get what I won last time. I am going to get that green belt, I am also going to get the Ring Magazine, and I am also going to keep my lineal championship, too. And if he wants to rematch again, no problem. You beat a man once, you beat him again, you beat him three times in a row.”

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