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Science Reveals Vaginas Can ‘Waste Away’ When Women Don’t Have Sex

Rejoice! You finally have a selfless reason to pester your partner for sex: new research reveals vaginas will ‘waste away’ if not attended to.

It’s called vaginal atrophy – a common condition that causes the vagina’s walls to thin. The medical problem can result in discharge, burning, itchiness, difficulty peeing and pain during sex.


According to the Mayo Clinic in the US, the likelihood of vaginal atrophy is higher among women who have been treated for breast cancer.

The good news? Regular orgasms can alleviate symptoms, according to sex therapist Louise Mazanti.

When your partner climaxes, the increase in blood flow acts as a “workout” for her ace of spades, with the increased oxygen to the area reducing the inflammation that can lead to vaginal atrophy.

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