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Is Vampire Sex The Latest Trend?

The sexy vampire trend has been a thing for at least as long as, what, Interview With a Vampire? And, as we all know, it had its heyday about 10 years ago when Robert Pattinson was burning up the screen in Twilight, and True Blood was capturing the sexual imaginations of many on HBO. But the trend hasn’t yet had a stake buried in its heart, because people out there are still very much into the idea of blood and lust.

For example, this Texas couple is taking that fetish to a new level, as they reportedly have become so invested in the appeal of these gaunt, ghoulish creatures that they’re sucking each others’ blood as a romantic ritual. Lea and Tim, as the Daily Mail reports, met at a vampire festival, as one does, and quickly became bonded by their taste for blood. In order to extract one another’s life-giving substances, they cut each other with razor blades, and then either drink the stuff from a goblet or suck it straight from the wound.


“I actually prefer drinking blood to having sex,” said Lea. “You are taking the essence of a person and that to me is ecstasy. There is no better feeling.”

As always, to each their own, but we will point out that sucking blood does, unsurprisingly, come with attendant risks. For their part, Lea and Tim are aware of the dangers, and enjoy performing their ritual in the face of them. In fact, getting tested for these diseases has become a fun activity for the two. 

“We go and get tested for diseases together and it’s almost like a bonding experience,” said Lea. “I feel like it strengthens our relationship.” 

Apart from their blood lust, though, Tim and Lea are otherwise your run-of-the-mill human beings.

“‘I feel like I come alive at night, but we aren’t allergic to sunlight,” she say. “I am partial to garlic and we definitely don’t sleep in coffins.”

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